Our Focus Ministries

These are the specific ministries we work through and with in Nicaragua. Our aim is to share the love of Christ through each of these areas of influence by helping to meet physical needs. By doing so, we gain the opportunity to not only impact individuals and families, but to share the gospel, win people to Christ and start the disciple making process in their lives.

Special Needs Program

At the end of February we dedicated our newest ministry outreach, The Special Needs Program in Somotillo. We will be working hand in hand with our long time friend and Ministry Partner, Pastor Diomedes Santeliz to develop the Program. In that area of Nicaragua there are a total of 160 kids with a wide variety of “Special Needs”, such as Mental Retardation, Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrome, Blindness, Hearing Impairment, Polio, and other afflictions. We are very excited about the potential this Program represents for these kids, their families and the community of Somotillo.

We are starting off the program by locating monthly sponsors for 12 of these 160 children. As soon as we have the sponsors for these kids secured we will then add more children to the Program. 100% of the sponsorship money ($35 per month) will go to help purchase special nutritional supplements, foods and drinks (like “Pediasure”) to strengthen the children, as well as needed medicines, doctor’s visits and physical therapy.

Our vision is to be able to open an actual “Center” soon. Such a facility will give parents a place to attend a support group consisting of parents of other “special kids”, to have weekly Bible Studies for family members and to meet their spiritual needs. It will also serve as a location for their child to see a physical therapist, do various activities and to possibly make crafts that they can sell to help offset the costs of running the Center.

As with all of our ministry efforts, the over arching purpose of the Special Needs Program is to share the love of Christ. But in this case, we get to do so with a very “Special” group of kids and their families. These are folks that society has a way of forgetting or neglecting. We want them to know that somebody really does care about them. But then, we want them to understand that more than anyone else, Jesus loves them and cares for them. Most importantly, our desire is to see them all come to have a relationship with the Jesus who has sent us there to tell them.

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Special Needs Program

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